Inspiration 4

Yes, I saw the launch and it was really really great!

Weather conditions perfect. Just after sunset. My viewing location was about 3.9 miles from the launch complex near the Apollo/Saturn V Center. So near they warned us twice that there were risks of debris and chemicals if something went horribly wrong. We could see the flight all of the way to the first stage separation and the firing of the second. Almost to the point they were in orbit. We could even see the first stage slowly dropping back to land on a platform in the Atlantic.

I can’t believe somebody would ride these things.

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8 Responses to Inspiration 4

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    That’s probably about the only thing left on my bucket list — actually being present for a launch. Really wanted to see one of the Saturn 5s lift off.

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    • James Cross says:

      The SLS is slated for November but it’s had issues so there is a good chance it will be postponed. It’s supposed to be the biggest rocket ever flown (if it ever does). It’s bigger than Saturn V. There was a Russian rocket bigger but it had four failures before they gave up on it.

      The SLS engine makes use of a lot of space shuttle components – a reengineered main engine and solid rocket boosters.

      What’s more it’s supposed to launch from LC 39B which is even closer to the viewing area than LC 39A where Inspiration 4 launched. The November launch is unmanned but should be really impressive.

      I’m considering another trip for the SLS.

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  2. Good deal James!

    I tried twice over the years to catch a launch, one of the Space Shuttle, but both times they were delayed and my schedule wasn’t flexible enough to wait days until the next attempt.

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    • James Cross says:

      Weather was looking somewhat iffy earlier in the week for us but then turned out to be fantastic. If it hadn’t launched when it did, the next day might not have worked out due to weather and we would have likely missed the launch.

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  3. Marilyn says:

    I cannot imagine wanting to spread into space to feel weightless. Personally I would rather be in the deprivation tank. Much safer place to feel weightless, plus you can relax.
    I guess some people need a thrill and can afford to pay for it. Personally, life is thrilling just like it is without risking death. The good news is they raised a lot of money for St Judes to end childhood
    I saw the launchpad once from a sailboat just off shore but not a launch. That must have been really awesome.

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    • James Cross says:

      I’m not sure how much the fund raising was a cover for another billionaire taking a ride into space. Nevertheless, on balance, it was good and the billionaire chose to include some pretty ordinary people on the ride and that was somewhat extraordinary.


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