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COVID-19 Vaccine

A week ago I received at COVID-19 vaccine injection as a part of a Phase 1 clinical trial. Basically this is same vaccine and trial described here except the trial has expanded to include an older age group. I am … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Conspiracies

Josh Mitteldorf at Aging Matters has a series of posts with some bizarro views on COVID-19. First, he argues that we have hugely overreacted to COVID-19. That was written ten days ago when about 2,000 people per day were dying … Continue reading

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Rubber Hands

This is tough to see when some completely accepted bit of science seems to be in error. Apparently the Rubber Hand Illusion experiment may have been wildly misinterpreted. In the illusion synchronous brush strokes on a participant’s concealed hand and … Continue reading

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