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Aging and the Gut Brain Axis

Aging is a fact of life for most, if not all, complex multicellular animals. Aging means simply the regenerative processes work less and less effectively as time passes. We see the signs of it everywhere in our bodies: sagging skin, … Continue reading

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Thinking About Thinking

The Edge question for 2015 is “What do you think about machines that think?” The first two responses I read were from Sean Carroll and Nick Bostrom. I have been a long time followier of Sean Carroll blog’s Preposterous Universe and have … Continue reading

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Animism, Neuroscience, and Information

Thanks to Naturalistic Pantheist Musings for pointing to this interview of Christof Koch in Wired Magazine. Koch is a neuroscientist who believes consciousness arises whenever a sufficient level of complexity arises in an information processing system.

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