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Veridical OBEs and NDEs?

We can never prove that the consciousness of somebody at some time might have left their body in some way and gained access to knowledge otherwise unavailable. It’s impossible to prove a negative. On the other hand, the evidence that … Continue reading

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The First Minds: Caterpillars, Karyotes, and Consciousness

The book by Arthur Reber that I mentioned in my last post arrived from Amazon. I’ve read it and would like to provide some additional thoughts on my previous post. I won’t repeat ground covered in the previous post so … Continue reading

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Time Loops

Somebody on the Metaphysical Speculations forum recommended to me Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious by Eric Wargo. I committed to reading it but wasn’t optimistic that reading it would make me agree any more with some of their … Continue reading

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