What Will it Take for Humanity to Survive?

Vic Grout has post at Turing’s Radiator on What Will it Take for Humanity to Survive? (And Why is Trump Such a Complete Bellend?). The four pillars he comes up with are:

  1. No Non-Renewable Energy
  2. No Nuclear Weapons
  3. No Countries
  4. No Capitalism

It is hard to argue against the first two, although some might say we will still need some non-renewable energy for some time (how much TBD).  The next two are considerably more radical and almost unimaginable for most people even if some might agree with them in theory.

If there was ever a time to begin imagining a world without countries or capitalism, it might be now. My imagination is sometimes lacking so let me reuse a Henry Miller quote I used in another post:

“The cultural era is past. The new civilization, which may take centuries or a few thousand years to usher in, will not be another civilization. It will be the open stretch of realization which all the past civilizations have pointed to. The city, which was the birthplace of civilization, such as we know it to be, will exist no more. There will be nuclei, of course, but they will be mobile and fluid. The peoples of the earth will no longer be shut off from one another within states but will flow freely over the surface of the earth and intermingle. There will be no fixed constellations of human aggregates. Governments will give way to management, using the word in a broad sense. The politician will become as superannuated as the dodo bird. The machine will never be dominated, as some imagine; it will be scrapped, eventually, but not before men have understood the nature of the mystery which binds them to their creation. The worship, investigation and subjugation of the machine will give way to the lure of all that is truly occult. This problem is bound up with the larger one of power—and of possession. Man will be forced to realize that power must be kept open, fluid and free. His aim will be not to possess power but to radiate it.”

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3 Responses to What Will it Take for Humanity to Survive?

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Wishful thinking. Humans nature hasn’t changed in time immemorial. Ancient Greek comedies are still funny, and humor is subtle. We’re still the same slightly evolved chimps we ever were. I see no signs we’ll change anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite. To my eyes, we seem to be backsliding to the Dark Ages. Our post-empirical comsumer-based world.


    • James Cross says:

      Since so much of our behavior is driven by culture, we have more potential for change, I think, than is commonly thought. Feedback between technology and culture is an area not well understood for driving change.

      We are quite a bit different from chimps. There are, of course, the obvious things – language, intelligence, tools, etc. With all of that came the reduced intra-group aggression that has made larger societal groups possible. Technology might eventually play a role in extending the size of the group to encompass all humanity.

      Perhaps somewhat wishful but not impossible.


      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        Oh, no, not impossible! But I’m pretty cynical and pessimistic about our chances. I’m beginning to see the human race as a fail — an explanation of the Fermi Paradox.


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