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Are we hybrids?

Dr. Eugene McCarthy, a Ph.D in Genetics and an expert in hybridization, speculates in Human origins: Are we hybrids? that human beings are the result of hybridization between chimpanzees and pigs.  Advertisements

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Brain Organization, Not Size, Key to Intelligence

This is good news for all of us who believe we still have additional potential for biological evolution before we need to plug in non-biological implants. A new study, Brain reorganization, not relative brain size, primarily characterizes anthropoid brain evolution, published … Continue reading

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Lost History: Revenge of the Nerds

About 1.8 million years ago Homo erectus, one of the better known ancestors of humans, emerged and developed what is known as the Acheulean tool tradition. Although Homo erectus had a cranial capacity close to the lower range of modern … Continue reading

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